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Enabling charities and non-profit organisations to boost their fundraising efforts with affordable and easy to use contactless donations

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Low monthly payments 

Low monthly charge to ensure more of your donor's contribution goes directly to your cause.

Ready to work out of the box 

Really easy to use bundle that will have you ready to take donations in under 10 minutes.

Gift Aid made easy

Collect Gift Aid using the reporting suite for easy management

Packages start at £20 per month including:

Nokia 2.4 Smartphone

SumUp Payment Device 

Donation App & Software Portal

4G Data Sim Card 

Ongoing Technical Support 

DonorPole from Contactless Donations offers a mobile, lightweight and convenient method of safely collecting donations in a wide range of environments.

Designed for all-day use, allowing donations even in heavy footfall locations.  Your staff or volunteers can simply pick up and start collecting within minutes as it's so easy to use.  

Easily accept up to 500 donations on a single charge and of course, it only takes seconds for the card payment to be processed with funds in your bank account between to 3 days.

DonorPod from Contactless Donations offers a robust and affordable package for table top, wall mounted or mobile use with a range of mounting options. 

The durable metal enclosure offers easy access to the screen to choose donation amounts. Very convenient for collecting contactless donations in a wide range of environments. DonorPod looks to the future and is a contactless alternative to your standard cash charity box which are less hassle and a more streamlined income of donations for charities.

Boost your donations with Contactless Donations,

the current pandemic has accelerated the transition towards a cash-free society


Charities accepting Contactless Donations


Of Donors who would donate if contactless was available 


Of people noted they now prefer contactless payments

Street collections

Many donors want to donate but simply don't carrying cash any more. 

Accepting donations by contactless cards and smartphones boosts your collections. Keep volunteers and donors safe with contactless payments whilst saving the effort of handling coins and notes.

Donation stations in venues 

Designed specifically to help venues increase free will giving through card and smartphone donations. 

The DonorPod can be mounted in a range of ways to offer a cash-free alternative to the familiar collection box or placed on a base in a static location such as an entrance or lobby.


“We're loving the App and solution, it's going well in the church.”

"From all of my research I think Contactless Donations is the best solution for churches and I'm pretty sure that soon, a lot will be going down this route."

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